Author Chrissy LeMaire (@cl),
Availability Windows, Linux, macOS


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Displays wait statistics


This command is based off of Paul Randal's post "Wait statistics, or please tell me where it hurts"

Returns: WaitType Category WaitSeconds ResourceSeconds SignalSeconds WaitCount Percentage AverageWaitSeconds AverageResourceSeconds AverageSignalSeconds URL



    [-SqlInstance] <DbaInstanceParameter[]>
    [[-SqlCredential] <PSCredential>]
    [[-Threshold] <Int32>]




Example: 1
PS C:\> Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008, sqlserver2012

Check wait statistics for servers sql2008 and sqlserver2012

Example: 2
PS C:\> Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008 -Threshold 98 -IncludeIgnorable

Check wait statistics on server sql2008 for thresholds above 98% and include wait stats that are most often, but not always, ignorable

Example: 3
PS C:\> Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008 | Select-Object *

Shows detailed notes, if available, from Paul's post

Example: 4
PS C:\> $output = Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008 -Threshold 100 -IncludeIgnorable | Select-Object * | ConvertTo-DbaDataTable

Collects all Wait Statistics (including ignorable waits) on server sql2008 into a Data Table.

Example: 5
PS C:\> $output = Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008
PS C:\> foreach ($row in ($output | Sort-Object -Unique Url)) { Start-Process ($row).Url }

Displays the output then loads the associated sqlskills website for each result. Opens one tab per unique URL.

Required Parameters


The target SQL Server instance or instances. Server version must be SQL Server version 2005 or higher.

Required True
Pipeline true (ByValue)
Default Value

Optional Parameters


Login to the target instance using alternative credentials. Accepts PowerShell credentials (Get-Credential). Windows Authentication, SQL Server Authentication, Active Directory - Password, and Active Directory - Integrated are all supported. For MFA support, please use Connect-DbaInstance.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value

Threshold, in percentage of all waits on the system. Default per Paul's post is 95%.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value 95

Some waits are no big deal and can be safely ignored in most circumstances. If you've got weird issues with mirroring or AGs.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value False

By default, when something goes wrong we try to catch it, interpret it and give you a friendly warning message. This avoids overwhelming you with "sea of red" exceptions, but is inconvenient because it basically disables advanced scripting. Using this switch turns this "nice by default" feature off and enables you to catch exceptions with your own try/catch.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value False