Author Simone Bizzotto (@niphold) , Friedrich Weinmann (@FredWeinmann)
Availability Windows, Linux, macOS


Want to see the source code for this command? Check out Update-DbaBuildReference on GitHub.
Want to see the Bill Of Health for this command? Check out Update-DbaBuildReference.


Updates the local reference looking online for the most up to date.


This function updates the local json files containing all the infos about SQL builds.
It uses the setting 'assets.sqlbuildreference' to fetch it.
To see your current setting, use Get-DbatoolsConfigValue -Name 'assets.sqlbuildreference'


    [[-LocalFile] <String>]




Example: 1
PS C:\> Update-DbaBuildReference

Looks online if there is a newer version of the build reference

Example: 2
PS C:\> Update-DbaBuildReference -LocalFile \\fileserver\Software\dbatools\dbatools-buildref-index.json

Uses the given file instead of downloading the file to update the build reference

Optional Parameters


Specifies the path to a local file to install from instead of downloading from Github.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value

By default, when something goes wrong we try to catch it, interpret it and give you a friendly warning message.
This avoids overwhelming you with "sea of red" exceptions, but is inconvenient because it basically disables advanced scripting.
Using this switch turns this "nice by default" feature off and enables you to catch exceptions with your own try/catch.

Required False
Pipeline false
Default Value False